Why Brainaura

Training for Skill Development

An investment with life-time returns!

Companies want to have a skilled workforce at their disposal. So, they know that at any competition, they can stay ahead of others. Having skilled workers also increases their chances of having better productivity.

Now, individuals who take part in skill development courses learn to prepare themselves in the best way. Their skills and industry knowledge easily put them ahead of other candidates.


Soft Skills topics for the Overall Personality Development of the students:

1. Self Awareness – SWOT analysis & GOAL Setting, Confidence Building by breaking the stereotype thinking

2. Time Management – Scheduling their day, the Importance of Time Management, Multitasking

3. Employability Skills – What the corporate requires – Punctuality, Accountable behavior, Quick Decision Making

4. Problem-Solving & Creative Thinking

5. Communication – Verbal, Non-Verbal & Written – It would cover end-to-end communication of how we speak, how we behave, and how we write for email and formal writing

6. Appearance Management – Grooming, Clothing, Behaviour

7. Etiquette – Social, Business & Formal

8. Emotional Intelligence – knowing how we use our emotions to the best of our ability

9. Being Interview Ready – Resume Vetting to be well prepared for Interviews. Facing interviews like Pro and answering PI questions confidently.