Why Brainaura

IPR Consulting

Protect your innovation with BrainAura.

Our specialist legal team provides cost-effective, fast, and seamless solution to protect your inventions across borders.

Individual or multinational businesses may need exclusive rights over their innovations – brands, ideas, designs, products, services, or information. Our intellectual property rights services are designed to maximize your ease in winning patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We offer a spectrum of support from patentability search, application drafting, filing request for examination, responding to office action to industrial design service.

  • Have filed 150+ patents
  • Organised 200+ workshops
  • Partnered with many top-notch universities and research centres .

Our List of Services:

  • 1.Prior-Art Search and Report: We will analyse the technology area and identify prior-arts in this space and provide a report with the list and the matching feature if any Provide suggestions and opinion for further processing.
  • 2.Provisional Application: If the research is on-going and not yet completed, provisional specification will be drafted and filed. It will consist of the following sections: Field of Invention, Background of the Invention, Summary of the Invention and Abstract.
  • 3.Complete Specification Application: If the research is completed, a complete specification application will be filed covering Field of Invention, Background of the Invention, Summary of the Invention, Detailed Description, Drawings/Figures, Abstract and Complete set of Claims.
  • 4.Formal Requirements: Indian Patent Office (IPO) specified forms and Filing Forms at the right time.
  • 5.First Examination Report: This will be issued from the controller once the examination is completed.
  • 6.Response to the First examination Report: We need to provide response and evidence and clarify all the objections raised by the controller and file the submissions.
  • 7.Hearing: Controller will call for hearing if further clarifications/objections are there(video/physical).