BrainAura comprises a team of unique people with experience spanning from research to project management and business in science and technology. Our team is strengthened with scientists, post-docs, Ph.D. students, patent experts and business professionals from best organizations around the world. Our research guidance has unique approach, wherein the primary focus is to ensure the hard work put in by researchers are acclaimed globally. BrainAura will add the touch of perfection to your research endeavor and will assist you in building the foundation for your successful career.

Our Team


Partner and Director

She is a self-driven Nanotechnology consultant, business development, communication & branding specialist & an avid blogger.

Promit Ray

BrainAura Associate, Germany

Promit Ray is a passionate chemistry graduate with a love for scientific writing.

Dr. Praveen Kumar

Technical Lead

He has 7 years of research experience in the field of Polymer composites, Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials.


How to manage virtual team successfully?

While the entire world is engulfed with this unprecedented health crisis, many managers are posed with rather challenging issue of managing their remotely working team. While it’s essential to stay at home to contain this outbreak, we also need to keep working...

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How to Work From Home Effectively

This is a war like situation for everyone all around. While the world is shutting down as a preventive measure to control the spread of the virus, I hope you all are staying home and following your respective govt. directives. More than ever, it`s essential that we...

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Why Should You Do a PhD?

Scope and perspective   A PhD is certainly not the right path for everyone but it can be an extremely enjoyable intellectual experience for those who get their bearings right. A key factor to consider is that a research interest has to be a long-term interest,...

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