This is a war like situation for everyone all around. While the world is shutting down as a preventive measure to control the spread of the virus, I hope you all are staying home and following your respective govt. directives. More than ever, it`s essential that we follow the rules, maintain social distance and help each other while keeping ourselves safe. I am sure together we will beat it.

At this time of crisis, since most of us are staying at home, we need to be productive. We need to keep working from home in order to stay prepared for the good times. And it could be very daunting to stay focused, deal with the hunger pangs (being hungry is the new normal state for me when I am isolating :)) and be productive. But don’t worry, you are not alone in this.

I work from home most of the time hence, very well adapted to the situation. Here I am sharing few tips about how to use your time effectively while working from home.

  1. Follow a routine: It’s essential to follow the same routine as normal but not mandatory. You can set up anew time table that works for you. I usually fix a start and finish time and include my breaks in between. I get up, get ready, have breakfast and start working as usual. I always prefer preparing a to-do-list depending upon the priority of each task, I allocate specific time.
  2. Productivity Vs Time: It`s important to understand that working from home is different. You are often tempted to squeeze in one or two house hold tasks in between, take more breaks than you intend to take care of your hunger prangs or feel like sitting for few more minutes which is often extended to few hours. Therefore, it`s important to focus on the goal that needs to be achieved (keep checking against the to-do-list) not the hours spent.
  3. Have a dedicated work space: It`s always good to have a home office if you are working from home. But it does not matter if you don’t have. You can set up a temporary work space at your favourite corner of the house or on the dining table. I personally do not prefer working on the sofa or bed.
  4. Keep in touch with your team: Having regular team call is an effective way to stay productive and achieve your target. This also helps in not feeling isolated.
  5. Keeping your house rules set: It could be difficult to work when there are many people around. So it`s important to set your house rules and let them know your availability.
  6. End time: It`s important to know when to stop. As like a work start time have a scheduled end time.


Remember not to be too rigid with yourself. It could really be very tough psychologically when you are in isolation. So relax, stay calm and enjoy your additional time at home. Make sure you speak to you family members and friends regularly as they must be going through the same. Stay strong and stay positive. We will beat it.

You are not alone in this. BrainAura is dedicated to help you out in any possible way. Write to us if you have any other concern and we will reply, we promise!

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Author Bio- Aparajita Mohanty, Co- founder and Director BrainAura. She can be reached at