Our Team


She is a self-driven Nanotechnology consultant, business development, communication, and branding specialist and an avid blogger. She has established herself as a business development specialist with a proven track record of leading overall business development activities which span across lead and demand generating, strategy planning, partnership, spin-outs and licensing, inbound marketing (digital content management, website management and social media marketing), market research and analysis, global branding, application development, product development, product positioning, product management, sales, client management and follow-up, both in corporate and academic research environment related to the field of Nanotechnology. She also worked as a researcher in industries and universities before drifting towards a more outward-focused role.

Currently she is working as Business Development and Communication Manager at London Centre for Nanotechnology shows strong technical knowledge and understanding which is, backed by multiple degrees in Nanotechnology from Newcastle University, UK. Apart from working with various big technology companies and government agencies, she is a consultant for start-up Nanotechnology companies through Bolster View Consultancy.

She is also the director of bolsterview.com, a multi-disciplinary blogging site, which continuously delivers high-quality content to educate people.

Promit Ray, BrainAura Associate, Germany.

Promit Ray is a passionate chemistry graduate with a love for scientific writing.

He is enthusiastic about observing and learning from data patterns and enjoys explaining complicated science simply. Currently, he is completing his Ph.D. in computational chemistry at the University of Bonn, Germany following a masters degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, India.

A material scientist by training, he writes on demystifying scientific concepts, careers, life in the sciences and aims to involve the community in popular science.

He is associated with BrainAura as a business development manager and editor/ reviewer. Always happy to chat about science communication and new writing projects, he can be reached at promit.ray92@gmail.com.

Praveen Kumar Mungamurugu (Technical Lead)

He has 7 years of research experience in Polymer composites, Nanotechnology, and Advanced Materials. He pursued his Ph.D. from IIT Kharagpur (2016) in FRP-Nano composites. Before Ph.D., he graduated from IIT Madras (2010) and pursued his post-graduation at IIT Kharagpur (2012).

Currently, he is working as a Technical Manager (Tooling and R&D) in a start-up (TrioVision Composite Technologies, Andhra Pradesh). During his Ph.D., he worked on a project sponsored by DRDO, titled Performance study of FRP and FRP-Nano composites for Marine applications.

His expertise in characterization of polymer materials, dispersion study of nanomaterials, different processing techniques in polymers and composites, modeling of diffusion behavior in polymer materials, durability study and failure analysis of advanced materials.

He is working on Advanced Materials so they are an efficient use in electric vehicles, railways, and wind energy projects.