BrainAura: An one stop access for scientific pre-reviewing needs

Owing to the unprecedented growth of the number of research publications, technical reports, and patent filings supporting varying degrees of Research and Development activities in Industry and Academia, reliable pre-reviewing support services has emerged to be the need of the hour. The different areas where this is a pre-requisite has been depicted in Figure 1.

According to the June 2016 article on World Economic Forum webpage by Gaffney and Young, founders of Future Earth Media Lab, “There are now over 50 million research papers and this is growing at a rate of over one million a year. Over 70,000 papers have been published on a single protein – the tumor suppressor p53. How can any academic keep up? And how can anyone outside of academia make sense of it all – the public, policy makers, business people, doctors or teachers?” This statistic is representative of the tip of the iceberg, considering the ever-growing number of specializations and research domains spanning science, engineering, humanities, and business studies.

Backed by a team of highly competent, specialized, PhD level researchers we aspire to reach out to students, academicians, R&D scientists in assisting them in enriching their research and enabling them develop sound research plans, error free manuscripts and technically thorough patent applications increasing their chances of success by a significant order. Ensuring appropriate flow in scientific logic, correct terminology, relevant citation practices and understanding the depth of a research problem are key to ensure successful delivery of project, manuscript or PhD topic. In this regard, reliable pre-reviewing will not only ensure success of project, but result in an enjoyable learning process.

Author: Barnamal,Technical Lead,Brainaura