Our Research Support Services

The research support service team of BrainAura comprises top-notch researchers, patent experts statisticians and market research professionals. We offer a comprehensive support system by technically enhancing your write up and screening and eliminating errors and plagiarism. Our data analysis, market research, publication support and patent support services make your research path swift and uplift your scientific career.

Editing and Reviewing Support

  • Article Structuring
  • English Language Editing
  • Technical Language Editing
  • Plagiarism Check and Correction

Publication and Presentation Support

  • Journal Selection
  • Formatting and Document Editing According to Journal Guidelines
  • Submission and Responding to Reviewers
  • Creating Immaculate Presentations

Patent Filling Support

  • Prior Art Search
  • Patentability Disclosure
  • Complete Patent Filing Support

Data Analysis Support

  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Help With Result Interpretation
  • Graph Correction

Market Research

  • Help with Selection of Market Size
  • Help in Questionnaire Preparation
  • Help in Data Collection and Compiling