While the entire world is engulfed with this unprecedented health crisis, many managers are posed with rather challenging issue of managing their remotely working team. While it’s essential to stay at home to contain this outbreak, we also need to keep working wherever possible to minimise the economic impact.

Many businesses are well versed with the system of working from home. But for many working from home could be challenging, confusing and they could cause anxiety. And the managers could find it overwhelming to lead and motivate the team to continuous business operations. Here we share few tips to manage virtual teams successfully.


  1. Define a system– Working from home gives a person a certain degree of freedom. But it’s pertinent that they stick to the work ethics and culture of the organisations while maintaining the required quality standards of the output work. This can be achieved by defining a standardised system while striking the right balance between individual freedom and organisational expectations for smooth operation of organisation.


  1. Engage with your team- Since the whole team is working remotely, it’s important to understand the need of each individual. As a manger, you need to create a tailored solution to resolve issues at hand as well as provide additional support to colleagues who might need it by regular calls.  Getting a regular updates from your team is the best way to understand their stress level, progress and creating solutions for them.



  1. Maintain communication- As I discussed in the last point, engaging with your team is vital, it can be achieved by communicating with them regularly. Group calls as well as one to one calls should be arranged as per the need. This can be achieved by regular phone calls, video conferencing etc. This also will help in making everyone feel included and can keep the team morale up.


  1. Schedule regular meeting- Scheduling a group meeting at the start of the day is a great way to motivate your team as well as delegate tasks for the day. Further meetings can be arranged as and when required.



  1. Manage expectations and set clear deliverables- As a manager, it’s important to understand you colleague’s situations and consider their ability to perform under such situations while they are working from home. Set realistic expectations and focus should be on the outcome instead of hours spent.


  1. Overlapping work hours- Many companies might have clients/ partners or team members stuck in different places as the countries are closing their borders. It is advisable to have overlapping work hours for smooth operations.



  1. Use tools and technologies available to you- Such time of crisis could impede the productivity level and it could be difficult to maintain the consistency level. The teams need to make use of all available logistics, tools and techniques such as project management tools, communication tools to keep up the level of productivity.


  1. Create a resilient workforce- As we all are going through a tough situation, it’s obvious to feel a little confused or anxious about everything that is going on around. So as a manager, it’s important to reassure them, motivate them, understand them and listen to them. Creating a resilient team holds the key for successful operation of your businesses while everyone is working remotely.


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Author Bio- Aparajita Mohanty, Co- founder and Director BrainAura. She can be reached at aparajita@brainaura.com.