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For Students

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Research Guidance

Open your path to a ground-breaking research career!

Research strength is a touchstone by which doctorates are judged. Team BrainAura comprises top-notch researchers, patent experts, statisticians and market research professionals who offer a comprehensive support system to uplift your research career. .

  • We technically enhance your write-ups by screening content and eliminating errors and plagiarism.
  • We help you select the most-appropriate journal for publication and provide publishing and patent support from start to finish.
  • Our statistical and data analysis, market research and results interpretation assistance make your research findings more data-intensive and insightful.
  • We create the final-thesis presentation and conference-poster presentation so that your presentations make a lasting impression.

Destination PhD Programme

Find the PhD that’s right for YOU!

Destination PhD is designed to assist PhD aspirants enroll in their most sought-after doctorate programme in leading universities of the world. We get involved closely early on in the journey and help Bachelors- and Masters-level candidates to achieve their research dreams.

  • Backed by noteworthy experience in the thesis process, our team of experts provide one-on-one support to aspirants, starting with identifying the right doctorate opportunities, entry requirements of various universities, application procedure, submitting a proposal, selecting the right advisor, letter of recommendation, intake deadlines to international scholarship guidance.
  • We rely on internship and training as key tools in preparing aspirants for easy assimilation in high-ranking universities.

Career Mentoring

Build successful careers with quality mentoring and professional socialization!

BrainAura can be your career path finder and help you make the right choices vis-à-vis your future. Our industry-leading experts will bestow their knowledge and expertise in order for you to set your career goals and define the trajectory to achieve them. Our mentoring services are focused on the long-term process of career path mapping whereas our coaching services adopt a short-term structured, target-oriented approach to address specific career goals. Finally, we also provide counselling services that involve industry-specific interactions to adorn detailed knowledge and help with informed decision-making furthermore.

  • We explore the underlying dynamics of various industries and its correlation to your career path.
  • Our professional development training is aimed at brightening your career prospects in a specific profession or employment area.
  • We develop work-related skills, values, confidence and attitude in you.
  • We also connect you with relevant professionals who will guide you through your process of transition from academia into the industry.

Skill Development

Communicate research, create impact

What does it take for a research paper to win intellectual acclaim? For us, it is an effective presentation. We, at BrainAura, have identified the essentials of high-quality research and endeavor to imbibe those skills in young research aspirants.

  • Our thoughtfully designed workshops and training programs aim to coach researchers about the technical presentability of their papers, presentations and grants to an audience composed of scientific minds, potential industry partners and funding agencies.
  • We inculcate various soft-skill sets in researchers to enhance their presentation tactics. Consequently, they’re able to communicate scientific findings proficiently and create the desired impact.
  • We discourage that researchers be always caught up in the race to meet publication numbers while diluting the quality of research work. We believe that the malpractice not only increases the risk of rejection of papers by publication houses, but also costs the researchers their money, time and effort.
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