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For Scientists, Researchers and Academicians

For Scientists, Researchers and Academicians

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Do not slog while you research!

BrainAura is trusted by thousands of academicians, researchers and scientists around the world for our ultra-modern professional development, skills training, intellectual property rights and publication services. We truly believe that toil-free research is better research, and try to take the load off so that academicians can focus fully on the quality of their research work.

Research Support

We help researchers gain international acclaim with our end-to-end publication support. Our data analysis, market research, presentation and patent services will uplift your scientific career roadmap.

  • Top-notch researchers, patent experts, statisticians and market research professionals in our research support team will oversee and handhold you through the entire publication process.
  • We will select the journal, format and edit your article according to the journal’s guidelines, submit the write-up, respond to reviewers and help you create impeccable presentations.
  • We extend comprehensive support with our plagiarism screening and error detection processes. We will also technically enhance your write-ups, fine-tune the language, refine the article’s structure and enrich statistical analysis.
  • Our data analysis and market research support caters for the statistical analysis, result interpretation, graph correction, market size selection, questionnaire preparation, and data collection and compiling requirements of your research papers.

Skill Development

Our Skill-Based Training strives to guide doctorates in scientific writing so that they can get their research papers published independently.

  • Researchers are required to meet the numbers when it comes to publishing their papers. They often succumb to this pressure and may submit substandard content or fail to adequately adhere to quality norms. Eventually, such a haphazard approach hikes up the risk of paper rejections and costs the researchers their money, time and effort.
  • We’ve come up with unique workshops and training programmes to mentor researchers in communicating science in a more impactful and holistic manner.
  • We hone their technical presentation and soft skills for impressive performance in front of an audience comprising scientific minds, potential industry partners and funding agencies.
  • We mentor academicians in structuring scientific papers, composing research proposals, creative writing vs. technical writing, PowerPoint and poster presentation skills, introduction to patent, grant writing, and avoiding plagiarism and paper rejections.

Scientific Review & Writing

We review/edit research findings, complete data and statistical analysis, search the right journal for publication, undertake market research, and thesis and manuscript review and guidance and conference poster presentations. We also offer literature review support and project proposal/grant writing guidance

Professional Development

We clear the obstacles in the path to enhance your technical skills, aptitude and competency through our Continuous Professional Development program. The training is aimed at providing doctorates and researchers with a personal edge for their ready transition into the industry and corporate world. Our exclusive webinars, seminars, and short term courses covers global developments in core research areas across various streams.

IPR & Patenting

We help you win complete authority over the creations of your mind. Our intellectual property rights services provide support in patents drafting, filing and obtaining grants, trademarks and copyrights for their research work.

  • Our patent services cover the entire spectrum of support from patentability search, application drafting (Provisional and complete), filing request for examination, responding to office action to industrial design service and patent grant application and support.
  • Simultaneously, we offer trademark search services which include preparing and filing trademark applications per class and responding to office action.
  • Finally, our copyrights services involve preparing and filing copyright applications and responding to office action.

Lab Testing Support

We provide lab testing facilities with an easy booking option available on our website. We can undertake a wide variety of tests including microscopic and spectroscopic analysis, diffraction studies and transport properties:
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