Destination PhD
Find your ideal PhD with BrainAura.

BrainAura is happy to announce their new service called Destination PhD. This is a service designed to help the PhD aspirants find their ideal programme abroad.

Finding the ideal PhD abroad could be a very tedious process. Especially, when you are not acquainted with application processes and entry requirements of universities in different countries, available international scholarships, intake deadlines etc. We have a dedicated team of experts with exceptional experience in theses process and will provide one to one help to the aspirants.

Our team members expert advice will help the candidates in locate the right opportunity to apply for. BrainAura will assist the aspirants in every steps from identifying the opportunities to, submitting proposal and application as well as securing funding.

Finding the right University and Professor

Finding the right university and the professor in your area of interest is the first step to find the right programme. Many university ranking systems evaluate the overall performance of the universities and rank accordingly. But it’s very important to understand which university has the best facility and available funding to carry out research in your field. BrainAura conducts one to one consulting sessions to understand individual research interest and provide support to choose the right option.

Providing complete information about the entry requirement

Even though a PhD acceptance requires a nod from the supervisor or professor, they still need to stick to the universities basic entry requirement. Our team members are well versed with these requirements of various universities across the globe and could guide you through the process.

Assisting in modifying CV and SOP

CV is the most important thing that a professor goes through prior to going through the complete application. So that needs to be written perfectly highlighting your skills and achievements without being lengthy. And also, every application requires a detailed statement of purpose (SOP).We will assist you in modifying your CV in the most appropriate way and writing a very strong SOP.

Selecting a topic and helping in writing the project proposal

While bachelor or master degree subjects are quite broad, PhD focuses on a specific topic of interest. Therefore, it could be slightly confusing for the students to pin down on a particular topic for PhD. And once the topic is decided the students often required to write down a project proposal and a presentation at times in the selected area. The project proposal is the most significant thing which could contribute greatly towards the selection process. Hence, it has to be written in a clear and concise manner following a certain protocol. Our experts writing team will help the aspirants in writing the perfect project proposal which will beg you your dream PhD.

Scouting for funding opportunities

A PhD abroad without financial assistance could be a big blow to your pocket. There are various scholarships available for international students. There are also funding schemes which could be availed through the concerned professor or the university. We provide candidates complete information about these scholarships before application. And post acceptance, we assist in applying for the right scholarship.

Help with publication requirement to meet the eligibility criteria

Many universities require publications as part of the application process. Some don’t make it mandatory but having a publication gives you an advantage over others. BraiAura will provide support in publishing paper whenever necessary.