About Us

Welcome To BrainAura

BrainAura exclusively serves students and research community by conducting a thorough review process of research manuscript for critical comments and corrections. BrainAura provides services in scientific and English editing, proof reading, medical writing, academic writing, formatting, plagiarism check, patent filing and publication support.

We are a team of unique people with experience spanning from research to project management and business in the field of science and technology. We are committed to embellish technical write-ups so that research output will be conspicuous for its brilliant presentation. Our systemic approach towards the manuscript writing, editing and reviewing is the first of its kind, will give an added confidence and an enriched scientific edge to researchers.

Team BrainAura is committed and is strong with professionals which includes scientists, post docs, PhD students, and business professionals from top notch organizations around the world. We are enthusiastic about this initiative, for its uniqueness in offering research guidance. Our primary focus is to ensure that the hard work and effort put in by committed researchers are acknowledged, recognized and acclaimed globally. BrainAura will add the touch of perfection to your research project and will assist you in building the foundation for your successful research career. We offer a comprehensive support system by screening and eliminating grammatical errors and plagiarism of the manuscript. Join us, let’s experiment Science!