Pass - pen - publish

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

W. Edwards Deming

Imagination is the highest form of research

Albert Einstein

Only in grammar can you be more than perfect

William Safire

The patent system added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius

A. Lincoln

The low-grade plagiarism of popularity will never lead to true contentment


Research is creating new knowledge

Neil Armstrong

BrainAura consists of a team of unique people with experience spanning from research to project management and business in the field of science and technology. Our team is strengthen with scientists, post docs, PhD students, patent experts and business professionals from top notch organizations around the world. We are enthusiastic about this initiative, for its uniqueness in offering research guidance. Our primary focus is to ensure that the hard work and effort put in by committed researchers are acknowledged, recognized and acclaimed globally. BrainAura will add the touch of perfection to your research endeavor and will assist you in building the foundation for your successful career .

Our Team


Partner and Director

She is a self-driven Nanotechnology consultant, business development, communication & branding specialist & an avid blogger.

Promit Ray

BrainAura Associate, Germany

Promit Ray is a passionate chemistry graduate with a love for scientific writing.


Technical Lead

He has 7 years of research experience in the field of Polymer composites, Nanotechnology and Advanced materials.


Scientific Pre-Reviewing Needs

BrainAura: An one stop access for scientific pre-reviewing needs Owing to the unprecedented growth of the number of research publications, technical reports, and patent filings supporting varying degrees of Research and Development activities in Industry and Academia,...

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10 Tips On Paper For Publication.

Scientific research by definition is built upon previous investigations. Reliably accurate results need to be freely accessible, and the writing and publishing of papers is an effective and nearly indispensable way of communicating the progress of the scientific...

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Why manuscripts are rejected?

Oxford dictionary defines innovation as “The action or process of innovating” a new method, idea, product etc”. This is a high-level definition of a word which is not awarded apt importance. But, in hindsight, every person has to a certain extent, innovated. Albeit...

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